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When is the OpenBlock ICO?

The Initial Coin Offering, also commonly referred to as an ICO, is a fundraising mechanism in which new projects sell their underlying crypto tokens in exchange for bitcoin and ether. OpenBlock will begin the ICO in March, however there will be a small presale in February. So check periodically for updates.

What is the OpenBlock Crypto Symbol?

The OpenBlock symbol is going to be OBC.

Will Members Get to View This Trading BOT in Realtime?

Yes, OB will be live streamed on our website and Youtube channel. Members will be able to witness trades in realtime and have piece of mind that OB is truly working for the community day in and day out.

What Makes OpenBlock Different From Other Crypto Platforms?

OpenBlock has a sustainable business model and is run by real people that have a long-term plan and vision for growth and stability. The team is compiled of engineers, traders, business people and helpful staff.

Will Open Block Have Proper Customer Service?

Yes, OpenBlock will have customer service teams in three different continents answering calls, managing chat and responding to emails in the quest for superior customer retention and satisfaction.

What should I know about the OpenBlock trading BOT?

OB was coded in python software which talks directly to crypto exchanges. It places buy and sell orders based on computerized models to bring profits to the community. The Trading Bot make those decisions by watching the market's price movements, technical analysis and aggregate news topics which reacts accordingly to a set of predefined rules.

What should I expect as profit in OpenBlock?

OB will spread 50% of the daily profits from trading to the token holders. This will occur Monday through Friday and statistics will be posted daily to inform the community about the previous day results. Members can also view our BOT named OB to see action in real time!

What if the BOT loses money in a single day?

If OB happens to lose money, it will not penalize the token holders, however that particular day will not have payouts. In other words, OB token holders will not take a loss of any sort if OB was to not turn a profit in a given 24 hour period.

How do I make money through Staking?

OpenBlock's Proof of Stake (POS) program occurs when members join OpenBlock. The tokens are staked and profits of OB are distributed to token holders daily.

Why Should I refer others to the OBC Initial Coin Offering?

OpenBlock has a competitive referral program paying members for referring their friends, family and youtube followers to grow our user base. The tiers are broken down into three levels:
Tier 1 = 10%
Tier 2 = 7%
Tier 3 = 5%

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